Our History

How Together for the Gospel began


Together for the Gospel began as a friendship between four pastors. These friends differed on issues such as baptism, polity and the charismatic gifts. But they were committed to standing together for the main thing—the gospel of Jesus Christ.

So a biennial conference began in 2006 to serve one main purpose: to encourage other pastors to stand together for the same gospel. In the years since, faces have changed, the culture has shifted, and churches have encountered new challenges. Yet the conference has grown, and more and more church leaders have discovered they share this same gospel-centered ambition.

T4G is convinced that the gospel of Jesus Christ has been misrepresented and marginalized in many churches and among those who proclaim the name of Christ. Therefore, the goal of these friendships and conferences is to reaffirm the central doctrine of the Christian faith and to encourage local churches to do the same.

For a more detailed explanation of T4G’s theological positions read the T4G Affirmations & Denials.

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