T4G Zero Dollar Books

From the beginning, our great ambition has been to serve pastors. One of the ways we do that is by helping them build their library that will aid their preaching and teaching and inform their own minds and hearts. We do this by building out a list of particular titles and then purchasing one copy for every attendee. Our prayer is that the impact of T4G extends beyond the sound of the last speaker’s talk. (Note: Past attendees have been known to bring an extra suitcase)

Unlike previous T4G conferences where you picked up your books in the Zero Dollar Bookstore, our plan for 2018 is that attendees will be greeted with their Zero Dollar Books upon entering and exiting the main sessions at the Yum! Center. 2018 Zero Dollar Books will not be sold in the bookstores.

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T4G Bookstores

T4G offers 2,000+ titles in a curated bookstore covering 70,000 square feet across two locations in The Galt House Hotel and the Main Concourse of the Yum! Center, where our main sessions gather. Lifeway, our bookstore partner, has negotiated handsome discounts with the publishers that are only available during the three-day conference.


At T4G, we love to sing—together. For this reason, we keep the accompaniment mere in order to accentuate the voices as we declare the truths of God through both songs of old and new. We are thrilled to welcome back Bob Kauflin for his sixth T4G to once again lead us in fusing our voices as one. (Note: Sheet music will be provided in the conference guide)



T4G Seminars take place during the first breakout session in the afternoon of April 12. If you’d like to attend one of the Gatherings listed below, be sure to select it at the time of registration. The location of each Seminar will be posted in your conference guide.

T4G 2018 Seminars

Speakers Title

Simon Gathercole & Peter Williams
Biblical Theology

Jonathan Leeman
Pastors, Politics, and Christian Liberty

Albert Mohler & Ligon Duncan
Current Theological Challenges

Holiness, Hope and Heartbreak in Pastoral Ministry (2 Timothy 4:9-18)

Bob Kauflin
T4G and My Sunday Meeting

David Helm
The Making of a Message

David Platt
Twelve Critical Issues in Global Missions Today

Matt Chandler
Church Planting

Collin Hansen
Still Young, Restless, Reformed? The New Calvinists at 10

Trip Lee
A View from the Arts

Mez McConnell
A View from Hard Places

Aubrey Sequeira
A View From the Global South: A Revival Needing Reformation


Panels are held in the Yum! Center following main sessions with the purpose of unpacking the day’s talks and exploring contemporary issues.

Panel Topics

Panelists Panel Topic
50 Years After MLK

Albert Mohler, Kevin DeYoung, Brian Davis, Sam Allberry
How Mere Our Christianity?

Matt Chandler, Sam Allberry, H.B. Charles
What Does it Mean to "Love Thy Neighbor" in a World of Inclusiveness?

Ligon Duncan, Albert Mohler, Mark Dever,
Day in Review (Wednesday)

Ligon Duncan, Albert Mohler, Mark Dever,
Day in Review (Thursday)

What to Expect


T4G Gatherings take place during the second breakout session in the afternoon of April 12. The purpose of the Gatherings is to create space for various groups to meet and discuss relevant issues in their churches and communities. If you’d like to attend one of the Gatherings listed below, be sure to select it at the time of registration. The location of each Gathering will be posted in your conference guide.

T4G 2018 Gatherings

Leaders Gathering

Matt Chandler
Acts 29

Ian McConnell, Mark Prater, Jeff Purswell
Sovereign Grace Churches

Ryan Fullerton, Clint Humfrey, Paul Martin

John Onwuchekwa, Thabiti Anyabwile, Richard Mullen, Dhati Lewis, Mike McKinley
Inner-City Church Planters

Juan Sanchez, Miguel Nunez
(This Gathering will be in Spanish)

Won Kwak, Jeremy Yong, Geoff Chang, James Choi, Jason Tarn
Asian Americans

Ligon Duncan, Kevin DeYoung
Presbyterian & Reformed

David Platt
Missions-Minded Pastors

Bob Kauflin, Matt Boswell, H.B. Charles, Keith Getty, Matt Westerholm
Pastors and Worship Leaders

Albert Mohler, Mark Dever
Southern Baptists

Plenary Talks

Speaker Title

Thabiti Anyabwile
Distinctive Living In an Age of False Teaching (Jude 17-25)

Matt Chandler
Citizens of Heaven: In the World But Not Of

Mark Dever
Holiness Together

Kevin DeYoung
The God Who Is Not Like Us: Why We Need the Doctrine of Divine Immutability, (James 1:17)

Ligon Duncan
The Whole in Our Holiness (Lev 19:1-37)

John MacArthur
Sanctification and the Pastor's Passion (Gal 4:19)

H.B. Charles
The Message of the Cross (1 Cor 1: 18-25)

Albert Mohler
And Such Were Some of You (1 Cor 5:1-6:11)

John Piper
New God, New Gospel, New Gladness: How is Christian Joy Distinct (Ps 4:7)

David Platt
Let Justice Roll Down Like Waters: Reconciliation and Our Need for Repentance (Amos 5:21-24)