Conversation Joined

January 19, 2006

My first exposure to this blog came this morning when my friend Justin Taylor chastised me for only posting a brief comment after Mark Dever’s opening post (see Jan 2, "A New Conversation"). Well, since I have been in L.A. and didn’t even know our blog had started, I made my way to Mark’s post where I came across my supposed response which reads, "This is great stuff!!!" Mischief is obviously present and active from the outset, my friends, for I didn’t post that comment!  Please don’t misunderstand – I DO think Mark’s post was great stuff but I didn’t post that comment.  Ah, but I suspect I know who did!  And you don’t have to be charismatic or a continuationist in order to discern this. You just have to know Mark Dever!  Knowing my reluctance to participate in this blog (I’d rather just read it!), I am sure my friend has done this to provoke my participation.  Again, please don’t misunderstand.  I am very excited about this conversation and this blog.  I plan on visiting this blog each day and numerous times throughout the day because these guys have plenty to say and I have much to learn.  I’m just not sure how much I have to say in this conversation, although I can be our go-to guy when it comes to all collegiate and professional sports (Al and Mark are particularly useless in these arenas.  Remind me to describe the experience of watching the USC-Texas national championship game with these two guys!). So I am very excited about listening in on this conversation.  But given the option of either posting myself or having my good friend Mark post for me, I’ll opt for the former.  Even though I don’t play in their league I will join this conversation with these 3 men I deeply love and respect.  I am honored to be numbered among them as their friend.  I am humbled to be included with them in this conversation.  Tomorrow I will tell you why I am so excited about the Together for the Gospel Conference.