little troubles

January 27, 2006

Hey guys.  I’m having trouble getting internet access, so I’ll probably be off for a few more days.  Meetings in Birmingham & Preston (Leyland) have gone well.  Lots of interesting discussion.  Heartening to see all the interest in 9Marks.  Al, you & Mary are in my prayers.  Ligon, someone at the conference today told me how much they benefit from your sermons over the internet.  CJ, I’ll look forward to seeing you when I get back.  I’ve been able to get email, but not send it out!!  Tomorrow, we’re to finish our conference here, then drive down to Cambridge, where I’m to preach at Eden Baptist on Sunday morning & then down to Spicer St. in St. Alban’s for Sunday night.  Topics of church membership & discipline seem to be of special interest to pastors in these conferences. It’s exciting to see this kind of cooperation for the re-evangelization of England. All for now.