A Note from LA

February 6, 2006

Thanks for your follow up post on reading Al. And thanks for your good question Mark. I’ll try to scribble a quick thought or two in reply ASAP. Meanwhile, CJ and I are in LA for the CBMW Board meeting. It will be a delight to spend time with you CJ, and our faithful colleagues in CBMW.

Now, by way of encouragement, enjoy this rich quote on the church from Stephen Marshall (one of the famous "Smectymuans" during the lead-up to the calling of the Westminster Assembly):

"All the glory that [God] looks for to eternity must arise out of this one work of building Zion; this one work shall be the only monument of His glory to eternity; this goodly world, this heaven and earth, that you see and enjoy the use of, is set up only as a ship, as a workshop, to stand only for a week, for six or seven thousand years; and when His work is done He will throw the piece of clay down again, and out of this He looks for no other glory . . . . But this piece [the Church] He sets up for a higher end, to be the eternal mansion of His holiness and honour; this is His metropolis, His temple, His house."