February 6, 2006

Mark and Al, as you are now aware I am presently in L.A. where the Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood (CBMW) board meeting will begin this morning. Please pray for us during this important time together. As you know, our good friend Lig is the Chairman of CBMW, and in my experience no one leads a meeting better than Lig! I love just watching him lead and learning how meetings should be led. Let’s just say I lead meetings a little different. Lig is a huge gift to CBMW and the church as he serves in this strategic role. And let me give a shout out to my friend Randy Stinson who is the Executive Director of CBMW. His leadership in recent years has made a dramatic difference in the effectiveness and fruitfulness of this ministry.

As I see it, there are few issues more important than those related to gender. And for the articulation and celebration of the complementarian position, there is no ministry that has been more strategically important than CBMW. It is frightening to consider where the evangelical church would be today without this ministry. For beginning this ministry, we are all indebted to Wayne Grudem and Wayne House. And both these men continue to serve on the board. And speaking of my good friend Wayne Grudem-I want to recommend that all pastors obtain his book, Evangelical Feminism and Biblical Truth. Actually, let me feature a much more significant endorsement of this unique book:

"The gender issue may well be the critical fault line for contemporary theology. Controversies over these issues involve basic questions of biblical authority, God’s order and design for creation, and Christ’s purpose for the church. Wayne Grudem cuts through the confusion making Evangelical Feminism and Biblical Truth an important book that is urgently needed. This book belongs in the hands of every pastor, seminary student, and thinking lay person." Al Mohler

Pastors, you heard Al, "This book belongs in the hands of every pastor…." So let’s buy some great books today beginning with this book. What a great way to begin a Monday, buying a bunch of books. And if you have adopted my policy of "unlimited book allowance for pastors," this should be no problem. But even if your book allowance is limited, this book is one you need to purchase.

Mark and Al, I want to take this opportunity to commend you for your commitment to the complementarian position. I deeply respect you both for the way you have championed this position at CHBC and Southern Seminary, respectively. And to any and all egalitarnian friends reading this post, please be assured of our love for you even though we disagree.

So, my friends, thanks for your support in prayer during this board meeting. Please pray for us as we attempt to rid the world of the influence of feminism, be it cultural or evangelical. And pray for me that I would be on my best behavior during this board meeting. I’m now off to Starbucks for a mocha and a brief time of interaction with the sports page. Duke won this weekend and Maryland lost. Yet another reminder that it’s a fallen world.