February 21, 2006

Mark, first I want to thank you for your kind (and mischievous) encouragement (Mahaney “Opens the New Testament Canon”?) about the book I wrote on humility. Although, I would advocate leaving the N.T. canon in its current condition.

You followed that post with CJ CONFRONTED, where you accused me of saying “I am worthless for this blog”! So, now the readers can get a feel for what our times together are really like, and why I enjoy them so much. No one is better at making false accusations (with a smile on his face) than you are, my friend.

Hey Mark, are you even reading our blog? Though I don’t have the depth and breadth of knowledge and insight you guys have (I won’t be writing seven-part series on reading like Lig), I will occasionally contribute (and already have, I might add) comments that I hope will serve–in some small way–those who honor us by reading our blog. So, I don’t think I am “no good for this blog.” Where I can serve, by drawing from the past 32 years of pastoral experience, I will do so. Given all the mistakes I have made over the years, I certainly think I can impart hope to all pastors that God is faithful to help them be fruitful and persevere by His grace. And perhaps, I can provide brief moments of humor to punctuate the ten-part series each of you guys are going to provide for us.

By the way, I will keep asking you guys questions, because that’s a way I can serve the readers. Putting you boys to work is my job when we’re together. And if you guys don’t answer my questions, then I will quit the blog, or only post on a theological perspective of sports. Of course, if I only write about sports, I know that will annoy you, my friend, and that would bring me a peculiar joy.

Since not one of you guys has answered my question about your recommended books on evangelism, I will answer it myself, in hopes of provoking your response. So, here are my three recommended books on evangelism and why:

Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God, by J.I. Packer—because it’s by J.I. Packer

The Gagging of God, by D.A. Carson—because it’s by D.A. Carson

Gospel and Mission in the Writings of Paul, by P.T. O’Brien—
because it’s by P.T. O’Brien.

Finally, I would like to assure everyone that I don’t think of myself as an apostle. I think of myself as the worst sinner I know.