Mahaney "Opens the New Testament Canon"?

February 20, 2006

OK, Lig & Al, you’ll want to hear about this.  You know the way we always give CJ a hard time about thinking he’s [CJ, read "being"] an apostle?  Get this.  Someone in my study the other day asked if we should "open the NT canon" in order to add CJ’s book on Humility as the 28th book.

3 ESSENTIAL OBSERVATIONS about this comment.  1)  It was made in some humor by someone who very much beleives in a closed canon (as even our apostolic friend does!); 2)  There is some truth in recognizing the extraordinary merit of this book;  3) I was the one who raised that question.

Pastors are tempted to be proud people.  All Christians are tempted to pride.  This book is like water to a soul parched by pride (I should know–I read it!).  To change the image, humility limbers us up for obedience.  It lubricates our joints–stiff with pride–for wonderful change, for increased conformity to God, and His wonderful plan for us.

Mack Stiles (old friend & author of some of my other favorite books) said to me last night that he was already on his second read through the book, had been pierced to the heart, and couldn’t remember the last time he read a book that affected him so much.

So, Lig, Al, what about it?  Open the canon for the apostle?  Short of that, what can we do to further Humility?