More Mark Dever and Evangelism

February 16, 2006

My most recent post and my time with Mark yesterday reminded me of one of the finest messages I have heard on evangelism, given by none other than Mark Dever! It was after this message that I began to pester Mark about writing a much-needed book on evangelism that would combine sound theological foundations with compelling personal examples, all rooted in the local church. If you are interested in this message, you can obtain it by clicking here.

This message will give you a preview of Mark’s book that will be written this fall. More importantly, this message will instruct and inspire you and make a difference in your interaction with everyone from your neighbor to the person making your drink at Starbucks tomorrow morning.

Mark, Al, and Lig, please provide us with a short list of the books you recommend on evangelism with a brief description of why you recommend these books. Thanks, my friends.