On Denominational Meetings

February 21, 2006

Well, friends, I have been in Nashville for meetings of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Executive Committee and related events.  This happens twice a year as the work of the denomination and its agencies is coordinated, funded, budgeted, etc.  I am tired.  Meeting after meeting after meeting.  I serve as chairman of the Council of Seminary Presidents and was just elected chairman of the Great Commission Council.  More meetings.

It is tempting to complain and feel like it is all a bureaucratic drain of energy and time.  But, instead I am thankful for men and women — men who are busy pastors and others who are busy church members — who give so generously of their time in order to ensure denominational accountability and oversight.  And I genuinely enjoy working with my colleagues in ministry and denominational leadership.  We have a great time together.  This too is God’s gift.

I detected a great deal of passion for evangelism, missions, and the local church — as well as much support for what we are doing in theological education.  So, I will rest thankful and get ready for more meetings. 

This too shall pass away — no budget meetings in heaven.

I’ll pick up on my reading series with a new post very soon.