Snow and Evangelism

February 12, 2006

Snow has cancelled services at Hillcrest Baptist Church (where I was to preach this morning) so I will have the joy of attending Capitol Hill Baptist Church and hearing Greg Gilbert preach on Ezekiel 24.  It’s wonderful to have a church that a large portion of the congregation walk to.  It makes our gatherings snow-proof!

One more thing.  Having been deprived of an opportunity to preach the gospel this morning, and having written recently on this weblog about conversions, I am reminded of how much I need your prayers for my personal evangelism.  Pray that I be a better, more obedient, more active personal evangelist.  I am surprised that I, as someone who goes around speaking on evangelism, evangelize personally as little as I do.  It grieves me, and so I pray and strategize.  I am encouraged by a statement of the late Bill Bright, “Successful evangelism is sharing the gospel in the power of the Holy Spirit and leaving the results to God.”  I am thankful to leave the results to God, but I cannot leave the evanglism to God, as well!  Pray for me, friends.