So, I Guess L.A.'s the Place?

February 7, 2006

I am glad to hear that Lig and C.J. are in Los Angeles for the CBMW board meeting.  I thank God for the work of CBMW and pray God’s blessings on your meeting.  Randy Stinson does a great job as executive director and Lig as chairman.  Readers should check out the CBMW Web site for a Fort Knox of resources on biblical manhood and womanhood.

I am in Dallas, Texas in order to preach in a couple of hours for the state Baptist convention here [SBTC] and I am scheduled to be in L.A. later today in order to serve as the "Distinguished Speaker Series" preacher/lecturer at Biola University for the remainder of the week.  I will do my best to be distinguished for the Gospel.

Over the weekend, I was at the First Baptist Church of Jacksonville, Florida for its annual Pastors Conference, which has over 10,000 registered this year.  I preached Sunday night on Acts 20:17-38, the text in which the Apostle Paul offers his defense of his ministry in Ephesus.  It seemed a fitting text as Dr. Jerry Vines, the pastor of that congregation, retired from the pastorate after 50 years of service as a pastor — 23 years at this church.  I was convicted all over again about the absolute centrality of expository preaching to the life of the church.  "I kept back nothing," Paul insisted, but preached the whole counsel of God.  I was also reminded all over again that God honors long service in one place.  The fruit of a long and faithful pulpit ministry is evident in the congregation’s maturity, passion, and faithfulness.

C.J. and Lig:  Perhaps we should have a southern California impromptu meeting somewhere?  Just no sushi, please.