Thanks Mark, Al and CJ

February 9, 2006

Thanks CJ and Al for your kind words, and to Mark for your good posts. I took the "red-eye" back from Los Angeles, arriving in Jackson on Wednesday morning at 9. I was by God’s grace able to have lunch with my wife and son, work all afternoon, preach the Wednesday evening midweek service (on Psalm 87) at First Pres, and teach a Senior High girls’ small-group on Reformation and Post-Reformation church history thereafter, before heading home and happily collapsing in my bed that night! I’m grateful for your prayers for strength and stamina, CJ. The Lord heard and answered.

Our Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood (CBMW) Board meeting was most encouraging. The leadership of Professor Randy Stinson of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (Louisville, KY) as the Executive Director of CBMW has been superb. Randy has overseen a steady development of the total work of the organization. We met with a number of strategic partners in LA, as we continue to form new friendships and networks in our quest to see evangelicalism resist the cultural capitulation to feminism everywhere evident in so many churches, and to embrace joyfully the Bible’s clear and vital teaching on manhood and womanhood in the home and church (a teaching which we designate by the short-hand "complementarianism").

Speaking of which, everyone ought to know about Wayne Grudem’s recent book Evangelical Feminism and Biblical Truth: An Analysis of More Than 100 Disputed Questions. (Sisters, Ore: Multnomah, and Leicester, England: InterVarsity Press). It is a tour de force. In it, Wayne pours in much of what he has learned from over twenty-five years of close involvement in the controversies over men’s and women’s roles in the home and church. CBMW hosts an on-line site that allows you to access some of this material, and where Dr. Grudem will answer any "new" evangelical feminist arguments for "egalitarianism." You can find it here.

Wayne was a co-founder and long-time president of CBMW and still serves on the board. He has also taught on biblical manhood and womanhood, in both required general courses and special electives at the M.A., M.Div., D.Min., and Ph.D. level, for the past twenty-five years at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and, more recently, at Phoenix Seminary. In addition, he has spoken and debated on this issue who knows how many hundreds of times in both American and European contexts. Wayne sees the book as a culmination of that work. By the way, Wayne is currently research professor of theology and Bible at Phoenix Seminary. He received a BA from Harvard, an MDiv from Westminster Seminary , and a PhD from the University of Cambridge.

Here are some things to bear in mind about this book. It  . . .

* is the product of over 20 years of research on biblical manhood and womanhood by a recognized leader of the "complementarian" position

* clearly and biblically upholds male leadership in home and church

* promotes greater appreciation of male-female equality in the image of God and encourages more openness to women’s gifts and ministries in the church

* explains a beautiful pattern for marriage as designed by God

* gives detailed quotations and clear, balanced answers to every leading evangelical feminist author and book in the last 30 years

* explains specific application to dozens of real-life situations in church and parachurch ministries

* answers arguments about specific Bible verses, church history , how to interpret the Bible, cultural relativity , present-day experiences, fairness and justice, and practical application

* contains many pages of Biblical and historical information that cannot otherwise be found in one place, and many new discussions never before published by this author.

* warns of troubling trends in many evangelical feminist writers who undermine the authority of Scripture

* includes the full text of policy statements on women’s roles in 41 denominations and parachurch ministries

* never loses sight of the beauty and joy of our manhood and womanhood as created "equal but different" in the image of God.

Buy it. Read it. Live it.