Ecclesiology and Evangelism

March 15, 2006

Dear Al,  Welcome back!  T. T. Eaton used to always say that he could be in two places at once, and that he was working on being in three!!  I wonder if you’ve inherited his mantle?  (though, not his historical opinions!)

CJ,  outstanding post on sports & your son.  You are so . . . . . . deliberate!

Lig, isn’t it getting to be Twin Lakes Fellowship time?  Can you tell us something about that?  We’re hoping to send Paul Curtis (9marks editor) to be with you there for a sweet time of fellowship.

I’m working on 2 papers for England next week.  I’m to be at a conference considering the ministry of Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones.  I’m loving reading Lloyd-Jones!  I’m to speak first on MLJ and the church and then the next night on MLJ and "Modern Man" in evangelism.   As I’ve considered them, in one interesting way they’ve come together a bit.  Lloyd-Jones, according to Iain Murray, thought that  “. . . evangelism is pre-eminently dependent upon the quality of the Christian life which is known and enjoyed in the church,” (Lloyd-Jones biography, volume I.246).

My conclusion:  good ecclesiology helps good evangelism.