Final Four

March 19, 2006

My friends, I think we have a moral obligation to publicly reveal our picks for the final four as well as which team we think will win it all.

Mark, I’m assuming you have Cambridge winning it all, but this isn’t rowing, my friend. And Al, these can’t be Mary’s picks; they must be your picks. I had a friend suggest that if you didn’t have any help from a knowledgeable fan your final four picks would be Harvard, Stanford, Oxford and Cambridge. And did you guys know that Lig conveniently scheduled minor surgery (surgery is minor only when it’s not you) for last week? You’ve got to admire a man who knows the optimal time of year for surgery. March is always the best time for a medical procedure, followed by extensive recovery time watching the madness.

Here’s the rule. Your picks have to appear by Thursday noon or they won’t be recognized.

So, who ya got?

Oh, I almost forgot–Al and Lig, given all your titles and positions, can’t you get us tickets to the final four? I’m questioning your actual influence if you can’t deliver tickets.