Higher Priced Preaching

March 2, 2006

Dear Lig,

I’m out here in California with Al, CJ and thousands of others at the Shepherd’s Conference.  John MacArthur & company are graciously hosting us.  I’ve had edifying conversations with many people.  I was down at Westminster California in Escondido on Tuesday, and at Masters College in chapel yesterday.  Last night, CJ, Al & I were all in his room typing on our laptops (with CJ & Al trading the kind of posts you can read immediately before this one!).  We’re looking forward to you joining us.

The preaching here has been refreshing.  John M. preached a powerful message on the parable of the loving father and the 2 sons in Luke 15 last night.  I am reminded by fellowship and example here that  “A good expository sermon costs far more labor than any other, but it is also of far higher value to preacher and hearer.” H. Harvey, The Pastor: His Duties and Qualifications (Philadelphia, 1879), p. 55.

I conclude that we need more expensive preaching.  It is a joy to labor with you all in pursuing this ourselves and encouraging it in others.