March Madness, Nine Marks and Carl Trueman

March 13, 2006

CJ, sorry about the Terps. But, hey, they got an NIT #1. Only a Duke loss will be able to assuage and console you now. Speaking of sports, why don’t you share with us your wisdom on the following: How have you used sports to cultivate biblical masculinity in your son? Given our culture’s propensity to unduly and inappropriately elevate sports figures, how have you helped your son cultivate discernment and guard against idolatry? What are some of the things you say to your son prior to his athletic events? What are some other pieces of advice you would give to fathers regarding sports and character development in their sons?

Mark, I just finished listening to your 9Marks interview with Carl Trueman – excellent! Folks you don’t want to miss this one. It’s entitled "Was the Reformation a Mistake?" on the 9Marks CD (though the conversation is actually significantly broader than that topic). Mark is the best theological interviewer in the English-speaking world, and puts Charlie Rose, Larry King, and Tim Russert in the shade, IMHO.