Ryle on Heart Religion

March 31, 2006

C.J. and the T4G crew. Please forgive my non-response to your great questions. I’ve been buried under some pastoral issues here of late. C.J., your question is crucial – literally – and I really want to give a helpful response. Perhaps by Monday.

Meanwhile, feast on this insight from Bishop J.C. Ryle on true heart religion:

What is the first thing we need, in order to be Christians? A new heart. — What is the sacrifice God asks us to bring to Him? A broken and a contrite heart. — What is the true circumcision? The circumcision of the heart. — What is genuine obedience? To obey from the heart. — What is saving faith? To believe with the heart. — Where ought Christ to dwell? To dwell in our hearts by faith. — What is the chief request that Wisdom makes to everyone? "My son, give me thine heart."