The Final Four

March 21, 2006

C.J., thanks for your great post on Sunday preparation, reminded me of M’Cheyne’s words "A well-spent sabbath we feel to be a day of heaven upon earth . . . we love to rise early on that morning, and to sit up late, that we may have a long day with God" and also of Baxter’s "What fitter day to ascend to heaven, than that on which He arose from earth, and fully triumphed over death and hell. Use your Sabbaths as steps to glory, till you have passed them all, and are there arrived."

I have delighted to see how droves of people have responded with appreciation to your posts (yes, we read all of the comments!). Now, in this post, I am responding obediently to your call for Final Four predictions (although this seems a precarious exercise for two athletically-challenged Southern Baptists and an increasingly pudgy Presbyterian). To engage you in the area of College hoops, given your knowledge, experience, skills and extraordinary gifting would seem to put us at a significant disadvantage!

Nevertheless, in the spirit of rushing in anyway, I offer the following. Much as I hate to admit it (because I’m an ACC guy, not a Big East guy), UConn and Villanova are proabably the two best teams in College BB (though UConn has yet to play a full game) this year.However ‘Nova will lose to BC in their Regional bracket (why? because the ACC needs them too!). But FLORIDA will go to the Final Four after dispatching Georgetown and BC. That’s a pick for our good friend, Randy Stinson, Executive Director of CBMW, who is a Gator.

UCONN will beat one of the MO Valley survivors in their Regional Final, if they can outlast Washington – the only team still standing in their region who can beat them.

MEMPHIS will win a titanic contest over UCLA (all four of those teams left in that region are hot, aren’t they? it will be sad to see them go), who will edge ‘Zaga to get the right to lose to Memphis. That’s a pick for my buddy David W. Hall – a Tiger Fan.

And then there was DUKE, sorry C.J. The Banes of Mahaney will crush LSU (leaving only one SEC team remaining in the tourney) and will sail into the Four with a win over Texas (one of the two most-feared "twos" in the Dance).

When the Four only remain, it will be UCONN over Florida, in their most complete game of the season. Meanwhile, DUKE schools Memphis. In National Championship Game, Head says UCONN. Heart says JJ Redick has the game of his life (with Josh Roberts also throwing down 16), UCONN seizes up for a five minute stretch in the second half and never recovers, and Duke wins its 4th national title. I only wish the T4G posse were going together so that C.J. could give us some personal tutelage in Humility.

Hey, anyone want to talk about the collapse of the Big Ten?