The Shepherd's Conference

March 2, 2006

Mark, Al and Lig: I will be praying for you and cheering you on as you preach over the next few days at the Shepherd’s Conference. It is a particular joy for me to attend the conference this week with two of my sons-in-law. We are learning a lot, eating In-n-Out burgers for breakfast and having a blast. John MacArthur, who hosts and leads this important and strategic conference, opened our time with two outstanding messages. And the way Grace Community Church serves the 3,300 pastors in attendance is simply world-class. True greatness (humility and servanthood) is on display everywhere I look.

Speaking of John MacArthur reminds me of something that took place Tuesday. At John’s kind invitation, we played golf together. Now playing golf with John is a memorable experience. The man is an athlete. He doesn’t merely play golf. He attacks the golf ball. Each time I’ve played with John, I’ve been on his team. And what a team we are! How do I humbly share the following information? We’ve never lost. No joke. Whenever we’ve played and whomever we’ve played against, we’ve always won. And wouldn’t you know it, we won again. It’s now Thursday, and I’m still finding humility to be an elusive experience. Please pray for me.