Checking In from Twin Lakes

April 7, 2006

C.J., what a great post! Dripping with helpfulness and insight. Thanks.

Al, no, it’s not clerical garb, which I don’t wear(!) [though I do don a plain, black, Geneva gown on Sunday morning – but that is utterly bereft of liturgical symbolism, and is merely the dress of a teacher of the Word, from Reformation times], it’s just an orange, short-sleeve shirt,buttoned to the top, and my accompanying conference name-tag. Had to wear orange – I was lecturing on "Is the Reformation Over?" Didn’t want to be unclear in my sympathies.

Mark, Twin Lakes was wonderful. Paul Curtis did a fine job representing 9Marks – and I loved the new 9Marks video. Excellent. Professor David F. Wells (of Gordon-Conwell) did a brilliant overview of "Above All Earthly Pow’rs." Professor Douglas F. Kelly (of RTS Charlotte) preached our opening sermon on "Christian Worship Overthrows Satan" – a glorious exposition of ordinary means of grace ministry and the confidence we have in God’s use of his appointed means. C.J., you will love this sermon! Pastor Mike Campbell of Redeemer Church here in Jackson preached on "Christ-centered Leadership" from John 13 (some of you may know that he preached with much blessing at Bethlehem Baptist Church at the DGM Pastor’s Conference this year) – it was simply glorious. Pastor Terry Johnson (of the Independent Presbyterian Church in Savannah – which, btw, has one of the most beautiful meeting houses in all of Christendom) gave a brilliant paper on the importance of reading the Scripture in public worship (a practice now almost lost in evangelicalism, except for a a few perfunctory verses that serve as the pastor’s jumping off point). R.C. Sproul preached a powerful message on the Eclipse of God. And Derek Thomas (of RTS, ref21, etc) singed our hairs with a bold word from Mark 10:17-31 and the Rich Young Ruler, asking if we are really faithfully following Jesus’ example in evangelism – or would we do anything to get the Rich Young Ruler into our churches. CDs and DVDs are available.

More on the Gospel soon. Counting the days until T4G.