Dever on the Old Testament

April 17, 2006

Al, thanks for recommending Mark’s article on the atonement in Christianity Today and commending Mark for this article. I couldn’t agree more. And thanks for your fine post on the meaning of the gospel.

In case you guys didn’t know, Mark’s latest book, The Message of the Old Testament: Promises Made, was just published by Crossway. It is a must-have for every pastor’s library, and it is outstanding. Not to mention, it is only 959 pages in length.

This book comes with some serious endorsements. Check out the following:

"This book is a landmark in the history of Bible expostion–a homiletical tour de force." Phil Ryken

"Mark Dever’s one-sermon whole-Bible-book overviews are a treasure trove for preachers, Bible teachers and growing Christians." Ligon Duncan

"Mark Dever has done the Christian community a great service in publishing these sermons." David Peterson

"This is a bold project, some might say foolhardy, but Mark Dever has brilliantly succeeded." Vaughn Roberts

"In a day of worrisome biblical illiteracy, even among Christians, there is a pressing need for books that give the big picture and provide surefooted guides for negotiating the Bible’s vast and subtle territory. To produce such a book is no easy task, yet that is what Dr. Dever has done." Carl Trueman

"Once again, this Duke graduate makes the university and the basketball team proud." Coach K

And the endorsements just go on and on, as they should for this book. Although the endorsement by Coach K cannot be verified.

Mark, thanks for all your hard work over the years preparing this material. Thanks for your compelling example in the pulpit by preaching this material. And thanks for providing pastors and Christians with this material.