Inescapable Truth

April 7, 2006

One of the most marked aspects of God’s grace to me is the staff I get to work with.  Here is Paul Curtis’ email to me this afternoon, reflecting on the wonderful time he had at Twin Lakes, and communicating his prayers for me as I work on Sunday’s sermon.  (Paul is editor for 9Marks.)

"Brother [David] Wells on sermon application from the Twin Lakes conference: in your application you want to make the truth ‘inescapable’.  I thought that was solid. Of course only the Holy Spirit applies the truth, but we want to make the claim of the truth on our lives so clear that our people see that it is a matter of obedience or disobedience, not preference.  May God grant you this kind of application in this next sermon and may He cause the people of God to really ‘use’ the truth proclaimed.  Oh that we would be different because of the sermon this Sunday!

Love you brother. 


"Inescapable" truth.  Thanks Paul for sharing this with me.  Thanks Matt for sending Paul.  Thanks David for saying this.  Thanks Lig for organizing the conference.

May we all live different lives because of the sermons we preach or hear this coming Lord’s Day!

O God, prevent us from escaping from the clear meaning of Your Word for us.