Preach about God Tomorrow

April 8, 2006

What are you going to preach about tomorrow?  Resolve right now, that whether you’re working through II Corinthians, or the life of Christ, or the role of children in the home, you will talk about God.  Apparently RC Sproul said at the Twin Lakes Conference this week what he’s said for some time now:  "To say that theology is boring is really to say that God is boring."  With excitement in your heart, preacher, talk about God and the Gospel.  Trace out clearly the applications of our holy God’s redeeming work in Christ.  Read CJ’s blog entry from a couple of days ago on "The Gospel."  Soak in the astounding holy love of God–soak in it in your own heart, and soak in it in your message.  There is a reason that what we’re called to has traditionally been called the "Gospel ministry."

Is God in your sermon notes for tomorrow?  Or do you have a more relevant message?