Welcome to Louisville

April 26, 2006

Greetings all, and welcome to Louisville.  For those of you who are here, welcome in person.  For those unable to attend "Together for the Gospel," we hope you will be with us in prayer.  We are so encouraged to see so many pastors arriving here. 

Here’s a personal request from the Louisvillian among the T4TG Band of Brothers:  Please leave a good impression for the Gospel by your presence here.  Be kind to all, including the waiters and waitresses, hotel staff, and others.  We should be ashamed, brothers, to know that service personnel often cringe to see pastors arrive.  Thank you in advance for your good witness through kindness.

Our hope is that you will all be fed, strengthened, challenged, and encouraged by your time at T4TG.  We are expecting great days together.

A couple of short notes:

[1]  Mark, what did you get, the world’s dinkiest iPod?  You have listed a paltry selection of (very fine) classical music.  Get with it.  Where is Bach’s "St. Matthew Passion," Mozart’s ‘Requiem" and "Jupiter," Gorecki’s Third Symphony ("Sorrowful Songs") or anything by Biber or Gabrielli?  Where is Haydn’s "Creation," Handel’s "Judas Maccabaeus" or Bach’s magnificent organ music?  Beethoven’s Sixth Symphony?  Handel’s "Saul?"  That poor iPod cries out for these and so much more.  Feed it, lest it die of embarrassment.

[2]  CJ, at my Weblog today I posted a series of links to maps detailing the concentration of Christian denominations (and other groups) across the United States.  Here is the link to my posting.  Here, for example, is the map of Baptists in the U.S., who have congregated together in a clump, and here are the Presbyterians, who were predestined to be more evenly dispersed.  Where are the Sovereign Grace churches?  I want a map.  Get your people right on this.