Who's Got Good News?

April 19, 2006

I’ve got some good news!

Absolute moral truth is revealed in the Bible!  Really!

Jesus was without sin!  Absolutely without!

Satan literally exists!  (That explains some of what goes on this world!)

But it is GOD who is both omnipotent and omniscient!

Christians must evangelize!

Who else has this good news?  Protestants?  Surely pastors!  According to one poll in Dave Shiflett’s book Exodus last year, only 28% of mainline Protestant pastors believe all of this.  Among female pastors, only 15% believed all of this.  7% of all Americans believe all of this.  And, according to this poll, only 9% of "born again Christians".  Hmmm.  I think we need to work on educating fellow Christians on some basics.  And maybe some polling organizations on what was entailed in Jesus’ teaching Nicodemus that he must be born again.  I don’t know how born again I am if I can’t trust the Bible to be true, or Christ to be right.  By and to whom am I born again if the god I worship may be ignorant, or even defeated in a contest.  How good is the news if we distort the nature of our challenge (the existence of Satan) and don’t think Jesus’ command to tell everyone applies to us?

Who’s got Good News?  By God’ s grace, I do.  Satan doesn’t.  God does.  Those who are truly born again do.  And the polls?  I know we shouldn’t shoot the messenger just because we don’t like the message.  But what if we’re not sure the messenger even has the message?  Good suspicion of some polls and some pastors.  Bad suspicion of Jesus or the Bible!  The Jesus we read about in the Bible has the always true News that is Good for all of those who will repent and believe.

Al, how’s the pastors’ meeting going?