Glorying in the Cross

May 20, 2006

Thanks, Lig, for giving us such great quotations about the Gospel!  And while I’m still reflecting on Together for the Gospel, I am reminded of one of my favorite comments Spurgeon made in his Lectures to My Students.  Those of us who were at T4G did not agree on everything.  And some of those things we disagree about, we’re even particular proponents of!  But what we had and have in common is even more significant.  And that’s our desire for the fruit from this conference–and, should the Lord tarry and give us life and opportunity–and for the next conference.  “More and more am I jealous lest any views upon prophecy, church government, politics, or even systematic theology, should withdraw one of us from glorying in the cross of Christ.” (C. H. Spurgeon, Lectures to my Students, I.83).  What stops us from so glorying in the cross?  This is my threatening enemy.  What will encourage us to glory in it all the more?  This is my loving friend.