Mahaney as Bunyan

May 11, 2006

Dear CJ,

As your message from T4G continues to live on in my head & heart, and I remember your repeated requests to be allowed merely to attend the conference, rather than participate publicly, I am reminded of the great puritan John Owen, who took every opportunity to hear John Bunyan preach.  Owen had been Vice-Chancellor of Oxford University during Cromwell’s time.  Bunyan had no formal education.  He was a pot-repairer.  When King Charles II once asked why all the people were crowding to hear this unlearned tinker (that’s what pot-repairers were called) Owen reportedly told the king that he would glaldly give all his learning in exchange for the tinker’s skill in touching the heart.  Brother, on behalf of all over-educated preachers (and especially myself), I want to thank God publicly for your Bunyan-like skill at preaching so as to touch the heart,

With love & respect,

Mark D.

PS–Al, anything on this "bears will make laser weapons in the woods before" quotation?