Mahaney as Grateful

May 13, 2006

Mark, your encouragement in your most recent post (Mahaney as Bunyan) is very kind, very meaningful and very humbling, my friend. I want to communicate how deeply grateful to God I am for the education you have pursued and the difference this has made in my life. The theological training you have received and the hard work you have invested in the study of God’s Word has been a gift to all of us who learn so much from you. And I sure hope you are enjoying all the encouragement and fruit from the T4G conference. That conference was the fruit of your leadership and your heart to serve pastors. You were the one who brought the four of us together for the gospel. And you were the one who led us in this unique and memorable conference. I trust you feel our deep gratefulness.  Be assured that I am praying for you as you serve the church in Australia and as you endure an abscessed tooth. I am sorry that you will be welcomed home with a root canal, but I look forward to our time together when you return.

Lig, that was a great post on T4G Hopes. But I am still waiting for your answer to my question “What is the gospel?” my friend. In addition to your outstanding message at the T4G conference (best I’ve heard on the topic), your rap with your brother John—and I am completely serious—was an example of your winsome humility. Thanks for your example and the enduring memory. Years from now, when we are working hard to even recall the messages from the conference, your reformed rap performance will remain a vivid memory for us all.

Al, thank you for serving Covenant Life Church (the church I love the most) and my favorite Senior Pastor, Joshua Harris, so effectively this past Sunday. According to everyone I have talked to, your message, “The Bible, The DaVinci Code and the Christian” was simply outstanding. This message is yet another example of the cultural discernment you provided in your superb sermon at T4G. What a unique gift you are to the church. And our time together on Monday at Bertram’s Inkwell and lunch was a pure blast, my friend. While I wish I could have been there for your message Sunday, I had the privilege and joy of speaking at Bethlehem Baptist Church for our friend John Piper while he is on a writing sabbatical.  And I would appreciate the support of you guys in prayer as I have that privilege and joy again this weekend.

But before I leave for Minneapolis, I wanted to express my gratefulness for friends and leaders like you men. What a gift you are to me and so many.

“How can we thank God enough for you, in return for all the joy we have in the presence of our God because of you?” 1 Thessalonians 3:9