T4G 2006 AGAIN and Biblical Theology

July 30, 2006

More blessings!  I am being given still more blessings!  Let me mention 2 outstanding ones, both of which I hope you can share in.

1)  I have the pleasure of trying to assemble the T4G papers for our published volume of them.  And so I am reading over them carefully, multiple times.  What a blessing!  It’s like I wasn’t even at the conference!  I’m getting to experience T4G 2006 again, by God’s grace, even in the simple tasks of editing! I am noticing things, and being challenged and encouraged and instructed in ways I was not when I first listened to the addresses.  Thank God for His providential care, even in mundane tasks like editing!

2)  Being preaching-sabbaticaled by my elders for the summer, I have the blessing of listening to Michael Lawrence’s series "Biblical Theology."  Words fail me in expressing what a wonderful presentation of Bible/theology/Gospel this series has been.  The one today on "Sacrifice" was a wonderfully filling message, which brought my heart to deeper appreciation of my Savior’s love.  Michael spent the first half of the sermon reviewing the story of sacrifice in the Bible, and then the second half going over the need, nature, effects & end of sacrifice.  After half an hour of reviewing the Bible’s teaching on sacrifice, and the OT system, it was powerful when Michael said to us that when Christ was sacrificed God raised this Victim from the dead because, finally, His sacrifice was enough.  !!!  Michael carefully laid out and explained both the substitutionary and the penal (penalty-bearing) nature of Christ’s sacrifice in a way that was rooted in the whole sweep of Scripture.  He expressed our faith as leaning on Christ (as the OT offerers of sacrifices would lay their hands on the offered victims, thus identifying with them).  And what good pastoral application to the Christian!!  Brothers and sisters, he asked, why do you keep on living as if God might be angry with you?  I could go on, but you get the idea.  Go to www.capitolhillbaptist.org and root around until you can find an audio of Sunday’s sermon (Sunday, July 30, 2006 AM) called "Sacrifice".  You, too, will be blessed.