A Painful Picture

August 23, 2006

Mark, that picture from your previous post (This One’s for You, CJ) added more pain to my already burdened soul. It’s bad enough that the Yankees just swept the Red Sox, but to make matters worse, I have to root for a United States basketball team led by Coach K in the FIBA World Championship!  I did not need a fresh reminder of Duke Basketball at this time.

Seriously, I am very grateful to God you don’t know anything about sports, my friend. I am glad that you didn’t grow up in my neighborhood where all we did was play hoops. Otherwise, you may not have read the Encyclopedia Britannica in its entirety by age seven. But I’m most grateful to God for your friendship and leadership (great post on SBC mistake).

Now, it appears that the much-appreciated readers of our blog refuse to let me ignore your earlier question, “What is CJ?” By the way, what kind of question is that?

What am I? Well, here is what I am. I am the worst sinner I know. And by the grace of God I am doing better than I deserve. For I deserve the righteous wrath of God because of my sin. I deserve to be punished eternally. But in the mystery of His mercy, God sacrificed and crushed His Son on the Cross–as my substitute–so that I might be forgiven of my sin and know God as my Father rather than my Judge. What am I? I am truly amazed by the grace of God. That’s what I am.

Of much lesser importance, I have the privilege to serve and lead Sovereign Grace Ministries in its mission to plant and support local churches. And I am especially blessed to be a member of Covenant Life Church, “the dearest place on earth.”