C.J. at Southern Seminary

October 29, 2006

Mahaney0004C.J. came to Southern Seminary and Boyce College this week and took the campus by storm.  You can download or listen to his excellent messages here.  As always, C.J. brought his heart and passion to the proclamation of biblical truth.  I was so glad to introduce this dear friend to the Southern Seminary family.

Of course, the big question of the week was this — What will C.J. wear?  I did not worry about it, but my dear friend was concerned that he be a good guest.  Frankly, I thought I would have to sneak into a funeral in Maryland to see C.J. in a coat and tie.

Chapel_cj_mahaney_102406_027_web_1 Nope.  He appeared in Alumni Chapel in sartorial splendor.  Here is proof.  What a friend.  What a preacher. What a servant.  What else can I say?

Enjoy the messages.  I can assure you that we did.

I can only hope and pray that my students will come to know friends in ministry like I have come to know in Mark, Lig, and C.J.. 

Thanks C.J.!  And thanks to Bob Kauflin for leading us in God-centered worship through music during the week.  What a gift to have Bob and C.J. together.  There is something magnificant about the way Bob leads from the piano. 

Photo credits: Top photo, Andrew Rawls.  Bottom photo, John Gill.