John Wilson on the Packer Birthday Bash

October 6, 2006

Thanks C.J., for your report on the DGM conference. I can’t wait to listen to all the messages. And thanks to you, Mark, for your sobering counsel to Thabiti, which is surely good counsel to us all. Speaking of which, you are so faithful to tell the truth, kindly but clearly, whether the crowds like it or not. You are a true and faithful teacher to us all in this way.

You did so recently at important event. John Wilson of Books and Culture gives this brief account of the J.I. Packer 80th Birthday celebration at Beeson Divinity School last week. There, Mark, bravely and kindly expressed his concerns about Packer’s endorsement of ECT, and gave the best presentation on Packer, justification and ECT that I’ve ever read. When the book comes out folks, that one address will be worth the price. We are indebted to you (again), Mark.