Haven't Had a Conversation with a Non-Christian Lately?

November 18, 2006

Al, in your next blog entry please list some of your human limitations! 

Our dear brother Al Mohler is at it again, only this time on the website of the Washington Post!  They have begun a new project (along with Newsweek magazine [owned by them]) in which they want to encourage public conversation about religion.  And they have asked Al to be one of their regular contributors.

If you go to http://newsweek.washingtonpost.com/onfaith/ you will find there Al’s blog entry on beginning a conversation with an admission of our faith in God’s truthful revelation of Himself.  And look at all the responses he’s getting!  Read them.  Scores of them.

If you haven’t had a conversation with a non-Christian lately, the various, largely hostile, responses to Al’s simple statements will remind you of the climate we are in.  I pray reading them will inflame our hearts with a desire for God to be vindicated, to be seen to be the gloriously good God that He is, and also with a desire for these readers to learn why they are alive–to know and love and obey our great God.

Keep it up, Al.  May God make us faithful with our non-Christian friends.  And may He bring them in, even as He has us.