Making Thanksgiving Memories

November 22, 2006

Mark, thanks for asking about Thanksgiving customs. Initially, I was concerned about the title of your post and didn’t find the idea of "Thanksgiving Exercises" too appealing. But I really appreciate the content of your post and the care and leadership you are providing for your family and friends.

Although I’m an “every day alike” kind of guy, this holiday is a wonderful opportunity for our family to express gratefulness to God for the many evidences of grace we have experienced this past year, and most of all, for the substitutionary sacrifice of His Son for our sins.

Thanksgiving Day is also a time for unhurried serious and hilarious conversation with one another—which produces fresh closeness and gratefulness for the love we share as a family.

It’s also about building memories with my children and grandchildren that will last a lifetime, and creating traditions that God-willing can be passed down to future generations I will never live to see. (You can learn all the specifics about the Mahaney family Thanksgiving traditions from my wife and daughters at the girltalk blog here, here and here.)

And of course, our Thanksgiving holiday would not be complete without an appropriate accent on athletics. The Mahaney-family "Turkey Bowl" has been a tradition since the kids were little and takes place every year, regardless of the weather.

Most of all, it is my hope that an overwhelming gratitude for the cross of Jesus Christ be the distinguishing mark of our Thanksgiving Day, and every day throughout the year.