Thanksgiving Exercises

November 22, 2006

What do we do differently on Thanksgiving?  A few quick notes.  Personally, I try to have a longer quiet time in which I thank God for much that I’ve been praying about that year.  As a family, we have friends over, generally Christian and non-Christian, American and international.  We will, before we eat, sing a hymn or two.  We will read a psalm and pray.  When people sit down with their food, I will read some early thanksgiving proclamations from the 17th century, perhaps from the revolutionary period, from Lincoln, and the current year’s.  (Each year the president makes a thanksgiving proclamation, which you can print out from the White House’s website.)  I’ll read a little about the history of Thanksgiving, and ask a few questions about it.  (Like, how did it get moved from the last Thursday in November to the fourth?)  My wife generally lays out 3 corns on each plate before dessert to remind us of the thanksgiving for surviving the first winter at Plymouth.  We go around 3 times, each expressing something that we’re thankful for.  This time ranges from serious to light and back again.  And then we pray.  All of this is interspersed with lots of conversation (and eating) and likely some games for those who want to stay around into the evening.  (And, ok, maybe we do watch Mr. Bean’s Christmas special.) 

Al, Lig, CJ, any customs you guys would share?