Update on Mark in South Africa

January 4, 2007

Mark Dever has just emailed us this report from his ministry sojourn in South Africa.

"Here’s a quick summary of what’s going on in South Africa with me. It’s been great having Paul Curtis here with me.  I preached at 2 different churches on Sunday, in the same clothes I flew over in the 2 days before!  My luggage only joined me on Monday night!!  Anyway, here at the Grace Minister’s Conference, Don Carson is the other speaker.  I’m speaking on expositional preaching, church membership, church discipline and such things.  What you’d expect.  Q&A sessions in the evening.  The first conference ran from Tuesday until this morning.  The second began this afternoon.  I think we’ve sold out of 9marks books in the first conference (2 more to go) and we’ve gotten a good number of names & email addresses for 9marks.  Don Carson spoke on John 1:1-18 & I spoke on Expositional Preaching this afternoon, as the second in the series of 3 conferences got started.  Saturday it’s off to Cape Town, where I’m to preach at 2 different churches on Sunday.  We repeat all the teaching again in Cape Town next week!  And then I’m to do a separate conference that following Saturday (Jan. 13)!  Whew!"

Thanks Mark. We’re praying for you.