A Really Big One

May 16, 2007

Hey Lig! Thanks for your prayers & posts. If I had known you would blog if I simply left the country, I might have left earlier! I am here speaking in Italy at two conferences (one is done, the other starts day after tomorrow). In the inbetween time, I am usually touring with my host during the day and preaching in the evening. Tonight I preached on Titus 1:9ff in Bologna–the duty of elders to rebuke false teachers and protect the flock. Anyway, during the day we were in Ravenna. There I saw something I cannot wait to show you a picture of–a baptistery that was really old (around the early 5th century, when Augustine was writing!!).  And get this, Lig.  This is the part that will really interest you–it was really, really, REALLY big!  Can’t wait to share the pictures with you!