Augustine's baptism

May 19, 2007

OK, Lig. I’m still here in Italy, land of 4th century baptisteries!  We’re in Milan this weekend.  I stood today where Constantine issued his edict legalizing Christianity throughout the Empire.  I’m to preach again tonight and tomorrow morning, and then it’s back to the good ol’ US of A and home on Monday, Lord willing. 

In trying to redeem the time here, I have searched high and low for the pieces of early Christian history that continue to instruct us.  And today, dear brother, I saw another baptistery!  It was here in Milan, underneath the current cathedral in Milan.  The crowds of tourists were upstairs.  Pastor Sam and Matt Schmucker were the only ones with me, down underneath the floor, looking at the 4th century baptistery in which Pastor Ambrose baptized Augustine.  Now I’m not referring to Augustine’s (or Ambrose’s) theology of baptism; simply how they practiced it–and what kind of baptistery they practiced it in.  And Lig, I got to tell you, this one was big, too.  Really, really big.  Maybe bigger than the one in Ravenna!  Matt got a picture with me standing next to it.  Can’t wait to see if I can get these posted.  Thanks for your prayers.