Decision Time

October 26, 2007

Whoa.  Look what’s still here!  It looks like nobody has stuck their head in here for a while.  I bet we’ll get more activity as the 08 conference closes in.  We’ll see.

Anyway, speaking of the 08 conference, I’ve just noticed it’s Oct. 26.  That means that in just a few days, the cost of attending T4G goes up $50.  It’s easier on us to plan ahead of time, so we, like all conference organizers, give a discount to those who do our teams the favor of letting us do more of our planning ahead of time by registering early.  In our case, it’s worth enough to give everyone who does that by Oct. 31 a lower price.  I just wanted to point this out to you, in case you knew you were planning to come, and just hadn’t gotten around to registering.  Now’s the time to do it. 

Just think, if you’re planning to bring your staff of 5 along with yourself, that would be a $300 savings for the 6 of you together!  It’s worth your taking a few minutes to consider if it would be better for you to pay for the extra time to consider (which many may need to do), or if you fully intend to come and just hadn’t gotten around to registering.  If that second one is you, a little work now could save you a chunk of change.  It’s decision time!