March 25, 2008

The winner of the last T4Free question is Brian Main of Warren, Ohio.

In his answer to the question, "Piper is going to talk about radical Christian Sacrifice. Provide a true example of radical Christian sacrifice.”

Brian wrote:

“My friend’s mom used to cry when she returned to college after visiting home. As her daughter became more intent on pursuing missions in a Muslim country, it was not easy for the mom. But she grew to see the need for such work. After 9/11 she said to her daughter, ‘You need to hurry up and get back over there. They need you.’ She sacrificed much by encouraging her daughter – now married and carrying baby #3 – to remain on the mission field. For many, sending your kids can be a bigger sacrifice than going yourself.”

Registration closes this coming SUNDAY NIGHT.

We have to have time to finalize plans for all kinds of stuff. So if you have friends who want to come, we’re in the Convention Center (it’s gigantic) but we’ll have to close registration to work on the specific preparations. Praise God for all the planning coming together. Bob and I have even agreed on all the hymns! (He’s been a joy to work with.) Pray for the speakers as they work on their talks. I don’t like mine right now. And pray for all who are planning to come, that God would bless His work and encourage His ministers.