T 4 Free question #3 winner!

March 8, 2008

David Martin of Southport, Indiana gave us the best answer to the question

What is the most awkward/unexpected/funny moment you have had when interviewing for the job of pastor?

We had a good number of funny, sad, interesting answers.  Wow!  There are some . . . interesting situations out there!  But, here’s the one we picked:

"While interviewing . . . , a lady asked "the" question.  Innocently, she wanted to know what my thoughts were on Santa Claus and his being a part of the Christmas program as had always been the tradition at this church.  I was caught a bit off guard, but responded that I did not see the necessity of bringing Santa into the church and confusing the message of Christ with that of the culture.  Immediately, what had been a good interviewing session went deafeningly quiet and . . . , I did not get that pastorate because of my postion on Santa Claus."

Lesson:  watch out for your Clausology?