T 4 Free question #7

March 14, 2008

Friends, okay, we’re really serious about this question because we need some help! A number of us have gone back and forth trying to come up with a good book title for the 2008 talks, once those talks are converted into a book–Lord willing–by Crossway. And we’ve not found any title that everyone likes. So what do you have for us? That’s question # 7. Take a look at the list of talk titles for the 2008 conference, and then suggest a book title for a book comprised of those talks.

Instead of giving you the usual 24 hours, you have all weekend on this one. We’ll cut it off sometime on Monday. What do you got?!

Here’s the rest of the rules:

  1. Post your answer in the "comments" section.
  2. Your answer must be accompanied with a working email address.
  3. Winner receives free registration for him/herself or a friend.
  4. Responses must be in 100 words or less.