T4Free question #4 WINNER!

March 11, 2008

is Matt Rawlings of the Sovereign Grace church of Greenville, South Carolina. 

How approrpriate that a SovGrace pastor would best advise CJ on what to have in the final talk at T4G!  There were a lot of good answers, a good number giving similar answers.  Anyway, here is Matt’s cousel to CJ:

"Confidence in God’s Care for His people, even when you feel yours is no good.
Often, we loose sight of the fact that pastoral care is ultimately not about our care but it’s about us being agents of God’s care for His people.
We can become too focused on our abilities (or lack thereof) in mediating God’s care to others. In response, we become despondent when we see our inadequacies. What we need to see though, is God’s more than adequate care more than anything else – after all the church is full of God’s people – not our people."

Now that’s a word we all need to hear.  Thanks, Matt!