T4Free winner #6

March 14, 2008

Is Steven Hall of Coarsegold, CA.

The question was answering the question of Al’s T4G address "Why Do They Hate It So?"–substitutionary atonement.

Steven’s answer is:

Substitution is offensive because it means:

  1. I am guilty (actual, real guilt—whether I feel it or not)
  2. I am accountable for who I am and for my actions
  3. I am unable to do it myself
  4. I am a sinner, not sick or not meeting my potential
  5. It means I am guilty of Adam’s sin—federal headship
  6. My sin was so offensive to God, it took the death of His Son to pay for it
  7. God has not regenerated them
  8. Salvation is all of grace
  9. God executes judgment for sin

We look forward to Al’s answer at the conference.  Pray for our brother as he prepares to address us.