Winner of T4Free question #5 is . . .

March 12, 2008

David Bissett of Clifton Park, New York

Dave wrote in answering the question: Of the four T4G hosts, who is most likely to change their mind on a theological issue and what issue would it be?

We got a lot of answers.  If the majority wins, Ligon, you’re becoming a Baptist sometime pretty soon!  Some answers were over the 100 word limit (and so disallowed) but thanks for sending them in. 

Here is David’s answer:
"This is really tough, since all these guys hold such solid, biblical positions.  But my guess is that C. J. — surrounded by spiritual brothers with such fine heads of hair — is likely to finally accept the validity of the OT ‘Nazarite’ vow, and decide not to let a razor touch his head!  ‘Let go, and it grow C. J. !"