T4G '08 Booklist

April 22, 2008

A bunch of you have asked for a list of the books that we gave away at T4G last week. Matt Schmucker has come to my rescue with the list. Thanks Matt! Oky friends, here it is:

Why We’re Not Emergent, Moody
If You Could Ask God One Question, The Good Book Co.
Preaching the Cross, Crossway
The Gospel & Personal Evangelism, Crossway
Pierced for Our Transgressions, Crossway
Worship Matters, Crossway
The Future of Justification, Crossway
In My Place Condemned He Stood, Crossway
The Faithful Preacher, Crossway
ESV Bible, Crossway
Culture Shift, Multnomah
The Gospel According to Jesus, Zondervan
Christ & Culture Revisited, Eerdmans
The Courage to be Protestant, Eerdmans
The Truth of the Cross, Reformation Trust
Now, all you have to do is multiply @5500 x 15 to see that Matt and his team gave away over 82,000 books last week! What a joy to be able to serve and encourage in this way.