T4G '08 Duncanian Debrief, part one

April 24, 2008

Thanks again to all of you who have blogged about, or emailed us, or written comments here on the T4G site about your experience at T4G last week. That you have been helped and encouraged brings us much joy because our desire and aim was bound up in serving you and encouraging radically Gospel-oriented life and ministry.

For those of you interested, Tim Challies has a good roundup of T4G resources here. The Christian Post weighed in on T4G here. Collin Hansen (Christianity Today) has offered his account here. Ken Sande (Peacemaker Ministries) gives his take here. And Marshall Shelley (Leadership) submits his mostly positive assessment here.

I plan to walk through a review of T4G here on the blog over the next few days (and maybe weeks) and share some things I learned, and comment upon some particularly meaningful points of edification of which I was a beneficiary.