Welcome to Louisville! Pray for our time

April 15, 2008

wLess than 48 hours.  That’s not much time together every other year, but praise God for the fruit that He has given us over these last two years from the small investment of time we made in April of 2006. 

Now, we’re here again.  And more have joined us.  (And, we’re glad to say, in a larger space!)  Much will be the same, but there will be a few new things.  Not least among those is a GREATLY expanded bookstore, which we’re sure pastors will appreciate.

Pray for us as we finish preparing our messages.  And thank God for the hundreds of volunteers who got here at their own expense yesterday morning in order to do set up for the bookstore, prepare registration today, and do other things to enable us to meet together in a way that we hope to you   will just seem natural and effortless.  OK, almost effortless.  I guess you did have to get to Louisville!  If you can find a volunteer at Registration, the bookstore or elsewhere to thank, thank them, too!

Again, on behalf of Ligon, CJ & Al, welcome to Louisville.  We look forward to once again being together for the Gospel!