Barriers to Sharing the Gospel

December 12, 2008

In Mark Dever’s The Gospel and Personal Evangelism, he helpfully identifies five things that keep us from sharing the Gospel with others. Here’s my spin on these reasons from Mark’s chapter on "Why Don’t We Evangelize?"

1. Fear – of rejection, of offending 2. Ignorance – don’t know what to say, don’t know how to say it 3. Inexperience – haven’t seen it done, haven’t done it 4. Attitude – that’s just not me, leave it to the experts 5. Lack of true love – we don’t really care about the lost and their eternal destiny

In response, Mark suggests that we do twelve things:

(1) Pray – for a desire to witness to Christ, and for the opportunities. (2) Plan – to witness (who, when, how). (3) Accept – you are a witness. (4) Understand – how God uses his witnesses. (5) Be Faithful – be more concerned to be faithful to God, than for people to like you. (6) Risk – something! – invite to a meeting; share a book; befriend someone. (7) Prepare – that’s what this course is all about. (8) Look – keep your eyes open for God’s opportunities. (9) Love – cultivate a genuine love for lost people. (10) Fear – God, rather than man. (11) Stop – and realize the logic of sovereignty – "God is sovereign, therefore I’m responsible." (12) Consider – the greatness of his love to you.

Get the book here. Or read it online, here.

We will be most effective in bearing witness to Christ if we cultivate: (1) a joyful fear of God; (2) a biblical knowledge of who we are in Christ and what the Gospel is; (3) fellowship with people who have a passion for the Gospel, and for showing and telling it; (4) a proper attitude toward the task – not a drudging "I have to share the Gospel" but a joyous "I get to be a part of God’s work of salvation;" (5) a genuine Gospel love for the lost, because of God’s Gospel love for us.